Legislative Update

March 21, 2001

Capital Outlay Requests Approved by the Legislature

Legislative Update Number 2, in February, showed the entire list of capital outlay requests submitted by Senator Rod Adair. Those requests for projects in Chaves and Eddy Counties totaled $2,626,300. Last Friday and Saturday, March 16-17, both houses of the legislature finalized the capital outlay bills for the 2001 legislative session.

Of that $2,626,300 requested for projects, $1,525,000 was approved by both houses and sent to the governor for signature. Assuming there is no veto of any (or all) of these line items, the following projects sponsored by Senator Adair will be funded on July 1, 2001:

Chaves County

Public Works

Roswell Adult Center, N. Missouri Ave. $ 130,000
Rogers Aston Gallery at Roswell Museum $ 100,000
Southeastern NM Historical Museum $ 100,000
Spring River Engineering/Design to $ 60,000
alleviate stagnant/unsightly waters at Museum entrance
Delta Acres City Park (W. Mescalero) $ 50,000
playground equipment
Roswell Youth Football Field Improvements $ 20,000
NMMI, Godfrey Center Renovation $ 15,000

Public Schools

Military Heights Elementary, Educ. Techn. $ 150,000
Mountain View Middle School, Ed. Tech. $ 125,800
Lake Arthur Fields/outdoor improvements $ 100,000
Berrendo Elementary School, Ed. Tech. $ 91,500
Hagerman Educational Technology $ 90,000
Goddard High School Football Field $ 62,000
Del Norte Elementary School Ed. Tech. $ 21,300
Sunset Elementary School Ed. Tech. $ 12,500
Lake Arthur Educational Technology $ 10,000

Eddy County

Public Works

Artesia Youth Athletic Field Construction $ 300,000
Artesia Skateboard/Skate Park $ 50,000

Public Schools

Central Elementary School, Educ. Techn. $ 36,900

Keep in mind that the list shown above is only that of Senator Adair. Other legislators have received funding in similar amounts and may have funds allocated to some of the same projects as those listed above.

The total amounts approved for a given project cannot be known until all legislators' allocations for all projects are identified and totaled.