Legislative Update

12 March 2002
Number 02-04
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Capital Outlay Bill
Signed by Governor Johnson

Last year's capital outlay bill which was vetoed in April, 2001, contained approximately $1,500,000
in public works projects for each state senator and about $900,000 for each state representative.

Those projects were not funded and this year's available funds were greatly reduced. Typically, in the
2002 session, senators received about $800,000 and state representatives got about $480,000.

Approved and signed capital outlay projects sponsored by Senator Rod Adair are as follows:

Chaves County

Public Works
Cielo Grande Sports Complex, Phase 5 $ 33,000
ENMU Instructional TV improvements $ 25,000
NMMI, Godfrey Center Renovation $ 23,000
Rogers Aston Gallery at Roswell Museum $ 35,000
Roswell Training Center, water line $ 25,000
Southeastern NM Historical Museum $ 21,000
Spring River Engineering/Design (to $ 41,000 alleviate stagnant/unsightly waters at Museum entrance)
Yucca Recreation Center Improvements $ 35,000

Public Schools

Berrendo Elementary School, Ed. Tech. $ 91,000
Goddard High School Football Program $ 57,000
Goddard High Football Audiovisual Equip. $ 20,000
Military Heights Elementary, Educ. Techn. $ 194,000
Mountain View Middle School, Ed. Tech. $ 116,000

Eddy County

Public Works

Artesia Skateboard/Skate Park $

Public Schools

Central Elementary School, Educ. Techn. $ 54,000