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Monday, August 30, 2004
Volume XXIX, No. 7
Roswell, New Mexico
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Kerry's Trip to Athens

We are somewhat surprised at the scant news coverage given to John Kerry's quick trip to Athens this past Saturday to cheer on the beleaguered US Men's Basketball team in its bronze medal game against Lithuania. It was a noble gesture and we are sure it meant a lot to our players, who by the way ended up winning the game 104-96.

More controversial for Kerry was the story that followed the game. Kerry had spent only four hours on the ground in Athens, yet somehow---to the surprise of everyone---ended up winning three Olympic medals, a silver and two bronze.

When asked about how he won them, he refused to talk about the story with the press---though second-hand reports indicated he got the silver in Rowing, and the two bronze medals were allegedly for the Javelin and an obscure equestrian event.

Within hours, some 260 Olympic athletes from more than 40 countries--calling themselves Olympic Athletes for Truth (OAT)--signed their names to a document protesting Kerry's medals. The document stated that none of the Kerry medals was legitimately earned. 85 of the athletes went further, signing affidavits indicating they had had Kerry in visual contact during his entire four-hour tour of the Olympic site and that he had never even participated in any of the events in which he claimed to have won medals.

However, the next day a group of seven Olympians from France and Germany emerged. Flanked by syndicated columnist Maureen Dowd and TV Talk Show host Chris Matthews, the "FG7" held a press conference and announced that they knew that Kerry had indeed won three medals because they had competed alongside Kerry in each of the events in question. Not only did he win them legitimately they said, but he had done so with extraordinary courage. One of the French competitors told a moving story about having been "pulled from the water" after falling from his scull just after the finish. "Kerry came back for me," he said in broken English, "and he didn't have to, he risked his life---I can't swim you know, even though I am in crew."

This story was disputed by a British crew member (and OAT signatory) however, "The Frenchman had to have been disoriented, besides the Frogs finished 27th in that event and were over five minutes behind any of the medal crews, anyone winning a silver or bronze medal would have never even seen the Frenchman."

Ten minutes later however, Democrat National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe blasted the 260 athletes, claiming they had "smeared" John Kerry "in a way that shamed all Olympic athletes throughout history."

Senator John McCain weighed in less than an hour later, saying "Kerry's record in Athens should not be questioned." ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings, NBC News presenter Tom Brokaw and CBS's venerable Dan Rather all praised McCain for his "centrist" comments.

Jon Stewart, interviewing Kerry on The Daily Show, told the nominee, "I understand you were never in Athens." Kerry laughed heartily. The next day, Neal Gabler of Fox News Watch said Jon Stewart was the only credible newsman on this story---"the only one to show with film footage that the Olympic Athletes for Truth were lying." Jane Hall, Gabler's colleague on FNW concurred, "He won the medals, no question about it," she said.

Hours later the New York Times published an eight-page investigative piece proving "conclusively" that Kerry had indeed won the three medals. "We found literally scores of contradictions among the Olympic Athletes for Truth(OAT)," said the Times, "their stories just don't hold up when measured against the documents that Kerry's staff produced."

OAT countered that the documents purporting to support the medals--with descriptions of each event and a narrative of Kerry's own participation in each---had been written by Kerry himself. "Yes, all those documents are on International Olympic Committee (IOC) letterhead," the OAT press release read, "but they were all written by Kerry. He wrote them and submitted them to the IOC."

Appearing at different times on Cable News Shows, James Carville, Juan Williams, Dowd and Matthews, as well as Kerry Spokesman Tad Devine, all denounced OAT, calling them "extremely disreputable," "disgusting," and "liars." They called on President Bush to denounce them---as well as the IOC for good measure. Two hours later the President was asked at a campaign stop about the Kerry medals. "Look, I think he earned them, and I think his participation in Athens was honorable, and we should all be proud of what he accomplished in such a short time; But I think this campaign is about the future, not about what happened in Athens."

Veteran Olympian Bruce Jenner however, expressed doubt when queried by American reporters in his home town. "Three medals and never broke a sweat?" asked Jenner, "I saw that and I was amazed, I mean even if he was the coxswain in the rowing crew he would have worked hard enough to break a sweat; but I saw him as he was leaving to get back on the plane and he was cool, very cool, no sweat at all--still in a coat and tie. Something's wrong with that picture."

Chris Matthews expressed disgust with Jenner's comments when Jenner appeared on Hardball later that evening.

Mathews: Were you there? I mean if you weren't there, you don't know whether he won the medals or not do you?

Jenner: Well, I...

Matthews: You weren't were you? Look the French and Germans were right there.

Jenner: I...uh...

Matthews: Just answer the question, I'm asking you a simple question.

Jenner: I...u

Matthews: It's a yes or no question, I am asking you a question, were you there?

Jenner: u...

Matthews: That's it, you're off the show, I'm done with these disgusting people who have no evidence, not a shred of evidence and who make up these foul charges based on nothing at all, when all the official documents, everything in the IOC records supports everything Kerry has said, supports his story completely. And Bush---he was nowhere near Athens---did not even qualify for a single event. I mean whose record has more credibility on this issue? We'll be back right after this.


Great Moments in Democrat History

The Democratic National Convention, met at Madison Square Garden in New York City in June, 1924. Among their platform planks was a report which denounced the Ku Klux Klan (which by then had been the Democrats' auxiliary/military/enforcement wing for some 55 years, but which was beginning to embarrass even them). The Convention defeated the motion to denounce the Klan, 543 3/20 to 542 7/20 in the closest vote in convention history. This of course also left them with the most shameful moment in convention history as well.


Sesquicentennial, 1854-2004

2004 marks the Sesquicentennial of the Republican Party, the 150th Anniversary of the second oldest political party in the world. Senator Rod Adair is speaking around the state on the history of the Republican Party and its unique role in shaping America. The Grand Old Party was founded 150 years ago in such places as Ripon, Wisconsin and Jackson, Michigan and at least two other towns that claim it as its birthplace. It is difficult to sort out the first among firsts because the party literally sprang up, almost spontaneously. Fielding its first presidential nominee in 1856, the Grand Old Party has a record of 22 wins and 15 losses in Presidential elections. (The Democrats have a record of 20 wins and 24 losses, having gone 5-2 against other parties from 1828 through 1852. They fell below .500 in 1876 and have never reached that level again.)

The party's remarkable record includes:

1) The invention of the very concept of Civil Rights in America, 2) A commitment to an "internal development" program, including the building of roads, ports, the transcontinental railroad, the interstate highway system, land grant colleges and the settling of America through the Homestead Act; 3) The creation of the idea of conservation and the environmental movement (also invented by the Republican Party), the setting aside of national parks; 4) National policies that fostered the building of American industry, allowing its development at a critical time in our history, creating the biggest and strongest economy the world has ever known; 5) The construct of anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws to ensure a functioning economy based on private enterprise and fair trade rules and practices; 6) A not-to-be-denied determination to end slavery, and a century-long heroic struggle against the Democrat Party to end its vestiges: segregation, lynching, poll taxes, voting rights discrimination, and the intimidating power of the Ku Klux Klan; 7) Winning the battle for Women's suffrage, and many more victories in the realm of public policy.

All these accomplishments leading up to the Republican Party's role near the end of the 20th Century---by then alone in the struggle---in continuing a determined fight to win the Cold War; and into the 21st Century leading America and the world in the fight against global terrorism. If you would like Senator Adair to speak to your organization, please click here: SenatorRodAdair@dfn.com and let us know.


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