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Thursday, October 12, 2000 Volume XXV, No. 34
Roswell, New Mexico

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Debate Post Mortem II

More Passages from the Mysterious Scrolls found recently in Southeastern New Mexico

"And it came to pass as W journeyed in the southern reaches of the land, there came unto him certain angels who ministered to him. And behold the divers tongues, which the people could not interpret, left him, and suddenly he spoke in the native language of the people that dwelled therein. At once his clarity was great and didst awe those that did observe this great event (for there was in that same moment a great struggle of sport which did divert many from the business of the campaign). And the people marvelled and spoke amongst themselves at the confidence and fluidity of thought and expression heretofore unknown which did possess W."

And in the same evening, Albert, the less, sent forth his scribes that they might bring unto him his prophets and sorcerers that they might give account of all that had transpired. And straightway, James, the son of Carville, whom the people of Gop called serpenthead, stood and accused those near Albert, and cursed them with such great force that none could bear it. And bewilderment was in the house of the people of the Burro.

From the Book of Rodrigo, , Chapter 12, verses 1-7.

{These passages were discovered in scrolls near a saline body of water in Southeast New Mexico known to ancients as the "Sea without a bottom." The author's name is derived only from cryptic notations marked "Rodrigo." They have just now been translated from the original Spanish/Greek/Hebrew hybrid language.}